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Misconceptions About Becoming A Fashion Buyer

Hollywood makes the fashion industry and world of fashion buying seem incredibly glamorous. Anyone who’s watched The Devil Wears Prada, Kinky Boots, House Of Gucci, or Personal Shopper has probably dreamed of a life in fashion at some point but does the life they portray reflect the reality of the industry? As professionals who’ve worked within the fashion industry for decades, the team are here to set straight some myths perpetuated by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood movies. If you’re interested in becoming a fashion buyer in Brisbane, have a read of this, so you come into the industry with realistic expectations.

How Does Fashion Go From Designers Into Stores?

If you’re looking at online fashion courses in Brisbane, it’s good to understand the process of getting the products onto racks in stores. There are two cycles that operate simultaneously; the fashion design process and the retail cycle. In many places, these cycles overlap, but both always occur to bring fashion into stores worldwide.

The Fashion Design Process

 The length of the fashion design cycle varies depending on the designer and the brand. Some designers only do 2-4 collections a year, one for each season, and others do anywhere between 12 to 52 collections per year. The design process looks a little like this;

    1. Identify the client and the project
    2. Explore and research design precedents and ideas, including sustainability and waste material solutions
    3. Define the elements and qualities of the project, such as fabrics, dyes, and details such as buttons, zippers, snaps, and hooks
    4. Seek inspiration and develop and sketch ideas
    5. Integrate concepts and build a toile or models
    6. Show buyers the range and put aside selected garments
    7. Create/modify production patterns for selected garments to send to manufacturers
    8. Send patterns away for production of selected styles
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The Retail Cycle

 This cycle is ongoing, and buyers and merchandise planners will often be working on three seasons at once. One is currently selling, and they are reacting to sales. Another is currently in production, and they are ensuring that it will be delivered on-time. The third season is in the planning stage, where the buyer and planner take their current learnings to inform their decisions to procure ranges more than a year in advance of when the products will appear in stores.

    1. Review previous season, to learn what worked and didn’t work. Research and forecast trends
    2. Research and forecast trends look at other external factors such as changes in consumer behavior, the economy. Even the Olympics or a general election can have an impact on the business. This generally sets a strategic direction for the next season.
    3. The buyer and planner work together to plan what will be bought, how much they will buy, and which stores each product will be sent to.
    4. The buyer then goes and negotiates the best price with their suppliers and places the orders.
    5. Products go into manufacturing and the buyer works with their suppliers and merchandise planning team. This ensures that the product meets specifications and arrives on the warehouse time. It is then allocated to stores, including the online store.
    6. Once products sell online or in store, the buyers and planners monitor sales and ensure they get the most profitable return. This includes running promotions and marking down stock to clear it and make way for the next new products. At the end of the season, the process starts all over again with a review.
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A Few Myths And Misconceptions About Becoming A Fashion Buyer

Before you undertake a course in fashion buying in Brisbane, let’s take a moment to address some myths about working in the industry.

MYTH: The fashion industry is so competitive; I’ll never find a job.

  • Yes, the fashion industry is competitive, but there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to work hard. At, we do everything we can to put our students in the best possible position to find employment after graduation, and many of our former students are excelling in their fashion buying careers.

MYTH: I won’t make any money.

  • Like any career, you start on a base salary and work your way toward promotions and pay raises, but even a fashion buyer’s entry-level salary isn’t bad! Most entry level roles start around $55k, whilst buyers earn between $90k to $120k and sometimes more, but it depends greatly on the employer. There are often bonusses on top too.

MYTH: It must be so much fun just shopping all the time.

  • Okay, we’re the first people to say that a career as a fashion buyer is pretty exciting. It’s a lot of fun, especially for those who love fashion. However, it’s not all about shopping. We do a lot of trend forecasting, research, analysis, budgeting, reporting, and relationship management as well. Plus, when looking at new lines or ranges, we can’t use the same logic we bring to personal shopping trips. We’re not buying for ourselves. You need to be able to look objectively at the garments in front of you and assess whether, based on current trends, that item will sell well and is right for your customer.

MYTH: Fashion buying means free clothes, right?

  • If you come into a career in fashion buying expecting a free wardrobe, you’re going to be very disappointed. Some companies may offer you a discount or lend you styles to try for yourself before purchasing, but you will have to return them.

MYTH: Fashion Week and overseas buying trips are a chance to let your hair down and enjoy new fashions.

  • Fashion Week lasts about a month for those in the industry, and overseas buying trips tend to be two to three weeks in duration. Both can be incredibly stressful. If you plan on attending Fashion Week or any other fashion events, you have to prepare for your trip, book your seat, and try to organize meetings with designers and suppliers so you can make the most of the trip. During the event, you’re not just passively watching a show; you’ll be taking notes, putting samples into work and trying to figure out which pieces will sell well in your stores. Afterwards, you’ll be swept up in negotiations and buying for weeks, so you’ll definitely have your work cut out for you. However, once you’ve done a few fashion events or buying trips, you’ll find your groove, and it’ll become a lot less chaotic.

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