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Why Study A Fashion Buying Course Online?

If you’re looking to launch your fashion buying career, you might be looking at a range of courses and weighing up which one best suits your lifestyle and ambitions. If you’re after a course that offers you flexibility in your study, you might want to consider’s fashion buying courses online. There are so many benefits to online study, and with recent advancements in online learning technology, more and more students are choosing to undertake online fashion classes rather than attending in person. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of an online fashion course and some tips for studying in an online environment.

The Benefits To Online Study

For some people, attending university or a tertiary institution in person just isn’t feasible, so it’s fortunate they have plenty of online options available.

Flexible schedule

Some of us just don’t have the time to attend lectures or tutorials in person, but online learning allows us to study whenever and wherever we like. When you study fashion online with, you have the freedom to set your own schedule to make your study work for you.

Learn to communicate in a digital environment

For many people who haven’t had the fortune of undertaking online study, the sudden digital changes at the beginning of the pandemic were jarring, to say the least. However, those who’ve had the fortune of studying online understand how to communicate and collaborate digitally. Engaging in online study can give you the skills you need to better communicate with colleagues in a rapidly changing digital world.

Work/study/life balance

While the stereotypical image of a student is a recent high school graduate or an early-20s person balancing a part-time fast-food job and coursework, many people undertaking tertiary education have full-time jobs and need to find the balance between their job, their studies, and their personal lives. Whether you’re working in the fashion industry already or you’re currently in a different career.

New technical skills

Studying online means you’ll need to learn to use a range of different pieces of software and programs. You’ll become familiar with communication technology like Skype and Zoom, cloud-based storage and sharing software like Google Drive and Dropbox, and project management software like Asana or Basecamp.

Lower costs and less debt

A typical university degree will set you back tens of thousands of dollars, which most people put on HECS to be repaid over decades. However, doing fashion business online courses with will equip you with the practical skills you need to succeed without the huge price tag. We also offer flexible payment options to help you manage your money while undertaking your studies.

Learn better self-discipline skills

Online study teaches you responsibility, time management, and self-discipline. You can’t really sign up for a course in self-discipline; you need to foster that skill in other ways, and pushing yourself to complete an online fashion buying course is a sure-fire way to refine those skills.

How To Study Effectively Online

The team at have a few tips and tricks to help you study online efficiently and effectively.

Treat your online fashion classes like ‘real’ classes

There is still a stigma around online study that suggests it isn’t the same as attending a physical tertiary institution. However, the courses offered online quite often address the same units and topics as on-campus courses. So, you need to treat your online course like a ‘real’ course by attending online classes, participating in conversations, and submitting assessments on time. While you have the flexibility to choose when and where you study, you still need to have the discipline to sit down and study.

Set realistic goals

Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting unrealistic study goals. For example, you might be really good at online quizzes but slower at reading new materials, so assess your strengths and weaknesses and plan your goals accordingly.

Minimise distraction

Netflix, social media, and the laundry never looked so appealing as they do right when you’re about to sit down to study. Take note of the things most likely to distract you (we’re looking at you, TikTok), and make sure you can’t access these distractions while you’re studying. Whether that means doing the laundry before you study, switching your phone to silent, or installing procrastination-reducing apps or software, whatever it takes to make sure you’re being productive.

Set up a schedule and stick to it

Whether your course takes up the majority of your time or you have a full-time job to balance as well, it’s important to establish a routine that you can follow closely. Set aside allocated times for studying and set allocated times to spend with friends, family, and focusing on yourself.

Figure out your learning style

Everyone learns differently, and you need to figure out what works best for you early on so you can develop healthy habits. Do you prefer to study late at night after you’ve had dinner and put the kids to bed? Do you take in information better when you’re on a treadmill? Do you need to handwrite your notes to commit things to memory? Whatever you need to do to learn effectively, do it!

Find a study space

Everyone needs a space in their home where they can be productive, and more often than not, working from bed just doesn’t cut it. Whether you use a desk or the kitchen table, set up a space with plenty of natural light where you can clearly see your work. Have your stationery, snacks, and beverages close to hand, so you don’t need to leave your work too often.

Reward yourself!

All too often, we spend hours and hours studying online only to move on to the next thing when we’ve achieved a goal. Instead, take a moment to celebrate the win and reward yourself. It might be as small as watching an episode of your favourite show, or you might treat yourself to lunch. Make sure you reward yourself for achieving your goals, so you feel more motivated to chase the next one.

Why Choose

If you’re looking for online fashion business courses, has some of Australia’s most comprehensive courses.

You can learn on your terms hosts merchandise planning and fashion buying courses online via Numensa Academy, a platform that allows you to access course materials whenever and wherever you need them.

Networking opportunities

Not only will you have the chance to network with your tutors, peers, and industry professionals, but you’ll also learn how to build and maintain relationships with brands and retailers. We’ll teach you how to build up your personal brand, so when you go to trade shows and events with the intention of networking, you’ll walk away with some great contacts in the industry.

We have a range of comprehensive courses

We offer three fashion business courses online tailored to careers in merchandise planning and fashion buying.

    • Fashion Buying – Essentials. This 6-week course fast tracks you toward your career in fashion buying. You’ll cover all the essentials you need to excel in a fashion buyer role, as well as access to our exclusive jobs board where our retail clients post their vacancies.
    • Merchandise Planning – Essentials. Our other 6-week program equips you with all the skills for a merchandise planning role, including pre-season planning, inventory management, and sales performance. Much like our Fashion Buying – Essentials course, you’ll also have access to our exclusive jobs board to see upcoming vacancies. If you’re looking for online merchandising courses, it’s hard to go past our essentials course!

Fashion Buying & Planning – Ultimate

This 6-month fashion retail training program includes everything you’ll need to succeed in a career in fashion retail. You’ll undertake 25 buying and planning subjects plus a guaranteed internship in a retail buying office. You’ll also have access to our job board, much like students in the essential course.

You’ll be learning from the best

At, we have the privilege of offering our students unparalleled industry knowledge and experience. We partner with some of the biggest brands and retailers within Australia and overseas, and our team have extensive experience in womenswear, menswear, kidswear, footwear, and accessories.

We offer flexible payment options

You can pay the entire course amount upfront with a 15% discount, or we have monthly payment plans so you can get your qualifications without breaking the bank.

You’ll have access practical learning opportunities

We take great pride in offering our students real-world applicable learning experiences that allow them to expand their skills. You’ll have opportunities to respond to real scenarios, work with real brands, and complete practical assessments.

Real-world intern experiences

Our Fashion Buying & Planning – Ultimate course is the only course in Australia that offers a guaranteed internship with a fashion retailer. You’ll work one to two days a week in a buying office for the entire six months of your course, so you have a chance to apply your learning to real-life situations.

When You Want To Study Fashion Buying Courses Online, Is Here To Help You Launch Your Career

At, we’re passionate about supporting career development in the fashion retail industry. We aim to provide those looking at a career in fashion buying with real-world, industry-applicable skills through our comprehensive online courses on fashion buying and merchandise planning. We strive to provide the best-trained candidates to fill vacancies in retail and fashion, and we leverage our years of experience and close relationships with our clients to offer our students unparalleled opportunities in the industry. If you’re ready to take the next steps in your career and look for fashion buying courses online, contact the team at today. Your career in fashion starts right here.