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We currently have three intern partners; Camilla in Sydney, Forever New in Melbourne and Boardriders on the Gold Coast.  We launch our next program in March 2022, and are looking at taking on several more intern partners for our eager students.

Interns work with you one or two days per week whilst they study with us.  Internships are unpaid, but they are not FREE labour.  We have devised a fairly extensive program for our students to cover during their six-months with you.



reason 1: Your talent pipeline

From working with our many retail clients, we realise that attracting, recruiting and nurturing the right talent for your business is time-consuming and costly.  We also know that one cannot always judge if someone will be the right fit from a couple of interviews.  By taking on one of our students as an intern, you get to work with that person for a six month period, so you will know if they are a good fit or not.


reason 2: the best trained talent

Our six-month ultimate program is unique in two distinct ways.  Firstly, we train retailers’ buying and planning teams, so you can be assured that the knowledge and skills our students gain, is relevant, timely and global.  Not only that, but our students are so determined to undertake a role in a buying and planning office that they are investing in their training.


reason 3: access to our jobs board

Our intern partners can post any merchandise role on our jobs board, free of charge.  It is our mission to be a conduit between retailers and merchandise talent.  We want to be your first port of call when trying to recruit junior members for your merchandise team.


What we have seen by having Olivia come into the team is that our staff that we’ve brought up from the shop floor – they were actually learning just as much form her as she was from them…


Emma Miller

Director Global Talent Management, Boardriders

If you are the kind of fashion retail brand that believes in developing the industry’s future talent and want to learn more about what being one of our treasured intern partners entails, please fill out the form below…


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