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fashion buying ESSENTIALS COURSE

Would you like a role where you develop and buy clothing ranges that meet your customers’ needs?

Did you know that fashion buyers need to be creative thinkers as well as being great with numbers?

Do you love fashion and feel you really have your finger on the pulse of upcoming trends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we may be just what you are looking for!

Course Outline

Our Fashion Buying ESSENTIALS course is a six-week guided online course that has been developed to teach you the key tasks undertaken by team members in the buying department.

Each week, we guide you through a subject area so you can build up your buying skills.

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topic one: introduction to retail buying

In topic one, we look at the global retail market, the functions and activities that take place in a buying office throughout a season as well as outline any jargon and retail maths calculations that you will need throughout the course.  There are three subjects in topic one:


    1. UR – The Global Retail Market
    2. UR – The Product Lifecycle
    3. UR – Calcs & Jargon

topic two: TRENDS & PRODUCT

Over the next two weeks, we look at where trends come from, both from a historic perspective and today, how to develop a commerical colour palette as well as the major trade shows.  We also look at fibres and fabrics.  There are four subjects in this topic:


    1. History of Fashion
    2. Colour & Trends
    3. Trade Shows
    4. Fibres & Fabrics

topic three: sales performance & sourcing

In our final topic we look at how to evaluate sales and what action needs to be taken.  We look at sourcing and  supplier management, key buying responsibilities.  There are three subjects in topic three:


    1. Evaluating Performance
    2. Sourcing
    3. Supplier Management

Why should you do our buying essentials course?

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experienced fashion buying tutor

With this guided online course, you have weekly online modules to complete, PLUS a weekly tutorial with a highly experienced Fashion Buying professional, so you can delve deep into what you have learnt online and tap into your tutor’s wealth of knowledge.

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Industry centered training

We are the only organisation in Australia offering fashion buying and planning courses, who also train retailers’ buying and planning teams and have been doing so for a decade.  This means that not only do we understand the skills you need, but that we have an excellent reputation within the industry.

To find out if this course meets your career aspirations and if it is right for you, book a careers consult today…

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Do you know what a buyer & planner does?


Think you know, but would like to learn more.  Sign up for our FREE Module:

The World of Buying & Planning

In this module:

    • Unit 1:  The Merchandise Management Process
    • Unit 2: The Role of the Buyer & Planner
    • Unit 3: Challenges Facing Retailers Today