student studying on her bed with her laptop
  1. Being alert! Bed is comfortable right?  It’s so comfortable and cozy, you just want to drop off to sl…zzz.  Which is not the frame of mind you need to be in when taking in new information.  To process and retain new knowledge, you need an agile mind.
  2. Posture! If you are going to be spending hours upon hours studying, then sitting slumped over your laptop on your squishy bed is going to wreak havoc with your spine, placing pressure on your neck, (our heads are extremely heavy) as our bodies were not designed to hold the weight of our heads leaning forwards.  This will lead to headaches, migraines and over time, rounded shoulders.
  3. Digestion! Not only will being huddled over your laptop on your bed cause you back, shoulder and neck problems, but will also cause you digestive issues.  According to Harvard Health, “Slouching puts pressure on the abdomen, which can force stomach acid in the wrong direction.”  This will give you heartburn and even constipation.

So, remember the next time you think you will just watch that lecture from your bed, the best place for study is at your desk, standing or sitting, showered and dressed and most importantly alert and open to learning!