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There are many trend prediction companies out there who provide services for the fashion industry at a cost.  However, many of these companies also give away some of their insights and information on trends for free.  Here we check out four sources of FREE fashion trends.

  1. For all things fashion, click on to check out the many articles available for free or take a look at their always inspiring Instagram account:  
  2. Retail Market intelligence platform, EDITED, has some fantastic resources available for free.  This AI powered big data analytics site, currently maps 2.5 billion skus online every day.  From which they produce some incredibly informative trend reports, market analytics and podcasts, such as “Is fashion really becoming more size-inclusive” or “Activewear market analysis” 
  3. Fashion & colour prediction company WGSN has long been the go-to company for fashion trends.  As the worlds #1 fashion trend forecaster, they provide prediction services for major retail companies, including colour, fabric, silhouette, trade show coverage and global street style.  They also have an extensive image library and city guides, for when we can once again go inspirational shopping.  Visit their website and sign up for their free monthly trend updates.
  4. Take a look at and sign up to their weekly emails as well as download their free reports.  Trendhunter claim to be the world’s biggest trend platform.  Their extensive research covers trends across fashion, pop culture, lifestyle, art & design, business, marketing and technology.