how to apply

Due to the nature of the program, places are limited.  As our students are effectively ambassadors for IWANTOTBEAFASHIONBUYER.COM during their internship, it is important that prospective students display the right attitude and aptitude.

Our admissions process comprises four steps and is designed to uncover the attributes that we know help students succeed in the industry:


step 1: application

Complete the application using the link button below.  Please be as thorough as possible with your answers. After you have completed the application, and if we haven’t already spoken to you on the telephone, we will give you a call to discuss the program with you and see if it’s right for you. 

step 2: assessment

We will then enrol you into an online assessment.  This is in two parts, a retail maths component, where we assess your numeracy skills and a range selection assessment where we assess your attention to detail and problem solving skills.  Please complete the assessment as soon as is practible.

step 3: Interview

We will then set a date to interview. During this (Zoom) interview, we may ask the applicant questions about their motivation, what they feel they bring to the industry, their key skills as well as discuss their assessment results.  We will also ask for your resume and to provide referenes.


step 4: enrolment

If successful we will offer you a place on the program.  Once you have accepted your place and paid a deposit we will then introduce you to the industry partner that you will be interning with.  We try very hard to match not only a students preference, but also align values, skill-set and career aspirations.

Ready to make your application, simply click on the button below.  We look forward to hearing from you.